6 thoughts on “How To Cancel A Disabled Adsense Account”

  1. HI, Thanks for the Steps. I followed the steps. But my account was not cancel I got only “You have closed your Google payments profile” Mail only. Kindly help me.

    This is the mail content

    You’ve closed your Google payments profile
    Hello from Google,
    You recently closed your Google payments profile.
    You’ll still be responsible for outstanding balances.
    Most customers can delete additional payment information, including loyalty cards and contactless payment attempts, from My Account. A new profile will be created for you the next time you make a payment or sign up for a new service using your Google Account.
    If you didn’t authorize this change or if you closed this profile by mistake, please contact us within 30 days, otherwise we will permanently close this payment profile on September 25, 2019.
    Best regards,
    The Google Payments team

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