Enable LTE Only On Any Android Smartphone

Enable LTE Only: Welcome to Droidbaazar. Many Android Smartphone does not have LTE only on Settings. And LTE only is very useful if you have a low strength network. If you have LTE only option you can try many tweaks with your network. But what to do if you have no option to select LTE only? Don’t worry today I will share how can you on LTE only on any Android smartphone. I hope you are enjoying the latest Android Tweaks.

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Enable LTE Only On Any Android Phone

I will share 3 ways to enable LTE only on any Android Smartphone. Let’s take a look at these ways to enable LTE.

1. Enable 4G Only With Engineer Mode

You can on LTE option with your dialler pad. Just follow the steps below to on LTE only. This trick is working on many Android Smartphone.

  • Ope your dialler pad
  • Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • Now tap on Phone information
  • Scroll down and find Set preferred network type
  • Now select LTE Only
  • Done now your preferred network is LTE only

2. Enable 4G Only With 4G Only Apps

You can on LTE only 4G only apps. Just follow the steps.

  • Open Play Store  and search for 4G Only 
  • Install any of them
  • Select 4G only
  • You are done

enable lte only

3. Enable 4G Only With Database Editor

You can on 4G only by editing your phone’s database. Just follow the steps below carefully.

  • Download the app from here
  • Now open the app
  • Scroll down and find hw_networkmode_preference
  • Then tap on Edit Value
  • Now replace the value 9,3,2,1,11 with 9,3,2,1
  • Tap on Save Changes
  • Finally, restart your Phone
  • Now go to Settings – Mobile Network – Preferred Network
  • You can saw here LTE only

On LTE Only

Note: Use this app very carefully. Don’t make any other changes.

Note: All the above tricks are for research purpose only. Droidbaazar is not responsible for any abuse of these tricks.

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I have shared how can you turn on LTE only option on any Android Smartphone. First 2 methods are phone-specific but with the third option, you can enable LTE only on any Android Phone. Best Wishes🙂.

If you have any doubt, query, question, feel free to comment below or contact us.



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