FM WhatsApp Latest Version Download With Anti-Ban 2020

FM Whatsapp Latest Version Download

If you are here then probably you are searching for FM WhatsApp Latest Version Download 2020. And you are in the right place. Today I will share with you FM Whatsapp New Version.

Messager apps are getting popular day by day. There so many Messenger apps available in the market like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, We Chat, etc. Whatsapp is the most popular messenger app in the market.

According to Business To App, 1.5 billion users in 180 countries make WhatsApp the most popular messaging app in the World. And if you are here then probably you are one of them.

Whatsapp has already tons of features. But still, you may not customize your Whatsapp if you are using the Official Whatsapp app. In that case, you have to use Whatsapp Mod to get customized features. And FM Whatsapp is one of the best Whatsapp Mod APK. I will share FM Whatsapp App Download so you can enjoy its features.

What Is FM WhatsApp

FM Whatsapp APK is similar to GB Whatsapp. It is a modded version of the official Whatsapp. It is developed by Freelance Developers, not actually developed it is modded by Freelance Developers.

You will get a lot of amazing features on FM Whatsapp latest version. And the best thing is you can use FM Whatsapp with the official Whatsapp. That’s mean you can use 2 Whatsapp on 1 Smartphone. Many sites upload old version FM Whatsapp which can ban your account. But I am sharing the FM Whatsapp 2020 version.

There is a risk to use FM Whatsapp or any other Whatsapp Mod APK. So I suggest you to use a Virtual Number to use FM Whatsapp or any other Whatsapp Mods. If you want a virtual number check out the GB Whatsapp post.

FM WhatsApp Version Overview

NameFM Whatsapp
Android Version4.0+

FM WhatsApp Latest Version Download

Now the time to share the download link of FM Whatsapp APK. I will share with you FM Whatsapp APK Latest Version. This is FM Whatsapp New Version Download. Here is the FM Whatsapp APK Download link below.


How To Install FM Whatsapp

Now I will share with you how to install the FM WhatsApp App. So you can install it on your smartphone without any issue. Check out the FMWhatsapp Download link above.

  • First of all, go to your Smartphone Settings – Security – Enable Install from Unknow source.
  • Now download the FM Whatsapp APK v.8.26 from the above link.
  • Tap on the APK and install the FM Whatsapp on your Smartphone
  • Now accept the Terms and Conditions of FM Whatsapp
  • Enter your number. I suggest you enter your secondary number or you can use a virtual number for Whatsapp Mods. If you want to know how to get a Virtual Number, check the post about GB Whatsapp on my blog. I have shared all the details about FM Whatsapp.
  • Now verify the number by entering OTP.
  • Enter your Name and set DP.
  • Now just enjoy all features of FM Whatsapp.

FM WhatsApp Features

Here are the FM Whatsapp APK Latest Version Features.

  • Download other’s Whatsapp Status
  • Hide typing and recording action text
  • Disable forwarded tag on messages
  • Select the contacts who may able to call you
  • Anti-Delete status
  • Message a number without saving any contact
  • Hide delivered and blueTick
  • Show blue ticks after reply
  • Hide view Status in FMWhatsApp
  • Freeze Your Last Scene
  • App Launcher
  • Notifications Icons
  • High-Quality Image Sharing

Let’s dive into the details of some features.

  • Anti – Delete Status: This is an amazing feature on FM Whatsapp. Suppose one of your friends upload status and deletes it after uploading it. If you are using FM Whatsapp you can see the deleted Whatsapp status.
  • Hide Typing and Recording Action Text: As you can guess with the name. You can hide your Typing and Recording Action. Let me explain the feature if you are Typing a Message or Recording a Message, whom you are Typing or recording for cant see the Hide Typing and Recording Action. This feature is not available on the Official Whatsapp.
  • Message a Number Without Saving the Contact: I hope you understand by what is it by reading the subheading. This feature wants almost everyone who is using Whatsapp. Many times we have to send messages that only one time. In this case, FM Whatsapp can help you. Not only you a send message you can also call/video call to any number which is not in your contact.
  • Disable Forwarded Tag on Messages: If you forward a message to someone, there you noticed a tag “forwarded“. You can remove this tag on FM Whatsapp. To remove this tag simply go to Fouad Mods> Privacy > Disable Forwarded Message Tag.
  • Customization: Many people bored with Whatsapp interface & themes. If you are one of them then you should try FM Whatsapp because you will get a ton of themes on FM Whatsapp. You can try new themes each and every day.

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What is FM Whatsapp?

FM Whatsapp is a Modded version of the Whatsapp. It comes with a lot of amazing features with is not available on the official Whatsapp.

Is it safe to use FM Whatsapp?

Yes. FM Whatsapp is very much safe to use. The FM Whatsapp APK is scanned with Antivirus.

How to download FM Whatsapp?

I have shared all the details about it in this post.

What are the features of FM Whatsapp?

There are a ton of features on FM Whatsapp. Here are some list of features.
1. Anti – Delete Status
2. Hide Typing and Recording Action Text
3. Message a Number Without Saving the Contact
4. Disable Forwarded Tag on Messages
5. Call Filter/Blocker.
6.Media Sharing.
7. Anti-Delete Messages.
8. New Emoji Variants.
9. App Launcher and Notifications Icons.
10. Full Resolution Image Sharing.


I hope you will like FM WhatsApp Latest Version Download 2020. When I will receive any update I will update the link. So feel free to bookmark this page and you will receive all updates about FM Whatapp. Whenever I will receive any FM Whatsapp Update I will update this post, So bookmark this page. Best Wishes

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