GB Whatsapp Latest Version Download 2020 APK (Anti-Ban)

GB Whatsapp Latest Version 2020: I am sure you have Installed Whatsapp on your mobile. And why not Whatsapp is one of the best messaging app  ever. Every day we use it for our needs like messaging, voice calling, video calling & send documents, images, etc.

Just think a little if you can do more with WhatsApp which you can’t in the official Whatsapp.

Now I am talking about GBWhatsapp Latest Version 2020 If you heard about it then very good if not then today you will understand all thing about GBWhatsapp.

GBWhatsapp is a similar version of Whatsapp with added some amazing features like hide online status, blue tick, download any one’s status.

GBWhatsapp is basically a mod version of  Whatsapp. If you know about GBWhatsapp then I am sure you loved it because we can do many things with GBWhatsapp which the official Whatsapp doesn’t allow us to do that’s available on Google Play Store.

But the GBWhatsapp is not available on Google Play Store. I am 101% sure if you will use GBWhatsapp then you gonna love it.

In this mod version of Whatsapp, there are so many features added. Now you can use two WhatsApp account on a single phone with GBWhatsapp.

As earlier Whatsapp banned those users who use GBWhatsapp or any other mod version of Whatsapp like YoWhatsapp and WhatsApp Plus.

Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Now with the latest version of Whatsapp which is come with anti-ban feature. Feel free to check out Yo Whatsapp, FM Whatsapp.

So don’t worry just use GB Whatsapp 2020 Bindass. GB Whatsapp latest version 2020 is verified by McAfee.

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gb whatapp

GB Whatsapp Latest Version 2020

As I mentioned earlier GBWhatsapp is nothing but a mod version of Whatsapp. Many of you search it for but didn’t found the right  GBWhatsapp.

There are many GBWhatsapp new version which you found on the web. But the problem with those versions is Whatsapp banned you from use Whatsapp.

And I think many of you search on Play Store for GBWhatspp but you did not find there GBWhatsapp. That’s not your fault you didn’t find GBWhatsapp because they violate Google Policies.

Apart from Play Store if you will search GB Whatsapp Latest Version Download on Google. You will get a lot of sites on the web claiming they have the latest version of GBWhatsapp

Some Facts About GB Whatsapp

And the truth is many of them they have an older version of GBWhatsapp APK. There are very few sites who update the GBWhatsapp APK to the latest version. You can bookmark this site to get regular updates Of GBWhatsapp.

In this post, you will get all the answers about GBWhatsapp like how do I download GBWhatsapp, how to install GBWhatsapp, Is GB Whatsapp Latest Version  Safe? Why GB Whatsapp Banned? Why GB Whatsapp Banned? Is GB Whatsapp Latest Version Official? Why GB Whatsapp is not in Play Store? Can GB Whatsapp see deleted message? What to do if your Whatsapp account is banned?

In this new version of GBWhatsapp, you will find some more cool & interesting features which you missed in the older versions of GBWhatsapp.

Personally, I loved GB Whatsapp Latest Version very much and I am sure when you use this you also loved it. And the most interesting thing is the Anti-Ban feature.

Many people use third-party apps to lock Whatsapp. But in this modded version you can lock your Whatsapp without any third-party apps.

You can change your theme and design your Whatsapp as you like. There is a lot of themes available in this Modded version of Whatsapp.

Gb Whatsapp Latest Version is working on both Rooted and Non-rooted Phones. And you will get a regular update as you get in the official Whatsapp app.

Now without wasting your valuable time, I am sharing the download link and features.

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Download GB Whatsapp  Latest Version 2020

You will find many sites on the web claiming that they have the latest version of GB Whatsapp Pro. But trust me many of them have the older version of GB Whatsapp. I am sharing direct link of GB Whatsapp Messenger Download. So you can download GB Wa easily.

I suggest you to bookmark this site to get the latest version of GB Whatsapp 2020 Download. I try to update the app every time when I will receive any update of GB Whatsapp.

Now I am sharing GB Whatsapp App Download link below. After downloading the GB Whatsapp APK, you have to install it carefully don’t worry I am sharing below step by step guide to install GW.

GB Whatsapp Latest Versions:

GB Whatsapp v8.5.4: Download

GB Whatsapp v8.26: Download

GB Whatsapp v8.25: Download

GB Whatsapp v8.20: Download

GB Whatsapp v8.12: Download

GB Whatsapp v7.20: Download

GB Whatsapp 6.50 Download link coming soon

GB Whatsapp v6.40: Download


GB Whatsapp Latest Version Download 2020 Overview

I am sharing GB Whatsapp App Download for android so you can enjoy amazing features on your Android Smartphone.

Name: GB Whatsapp Latest Version 

File Size: 54.4 MB

Verified By: McAfee

Android Version Required: 4.0+


How To Install GB Whatsapp On Android

Once you download the app you have to install it very carefully. Don’t worry I am sharing with you step by step how can you install GB Whatsapp latest version 2020. Before installing the I suggest you take the backup of your Whatsapp data. So If you downloaded the app let’s see how to install it.

  • First, download the app by clicking the download button above or you can click here to download the app
  • Now tap on the GBWhatsapp APK
  • Then Tap on Install

gb whatsapp

  • Wait till successfully installed the app

download gb whatsapp

  • After Installing it open the app
  • Enter your number and verify it by entering the OTP

gb whatsappp with anti ban

  • Set up your Display Picture and Name

gb whatsapp download

  • Now  your GB Whatsapp is ready to use

gb whatsappgb whatsapp download latest version


How To Transfer All Media & Chat Whatsapp To GB Whatsapp 

I am sure you never want to lose your old chats and media. If you use Gb Whatsapp latest version 2020, can you recover all chat and media to Gb Whatsapp  Latest Version? Off course you can. You can recover all the chat. See below to do it.

  • Open your official WhatsApp and tap on Settings 
  • Now tap on chats option
  • Then tap on Back up Chats
  • When you tap on backup it will restore all chats
  • Wait till complete the backup process
  • Now go to File Manager and navigate Whatsapp folder
  • Rename the folder  GBWhatsApp
  • Now go to this folder and change the names of the folder inside Media also
  • Download the GB Whatsapp Latest Version 2020 from above and install it
  • Open GB Whatsapp enter your mobile number and verify it
  • Now it will ask it Restore Chats from Backup just tap on Restore and it will restore all the chats
  • Set your Display Picture and Name
  • Done you have successfully transferred your all chats from Whatsapp to GBWhatsApp 

GB Whatsapp  Latest Version 2020 Features

You can’t even imagine the features of the GB Whatsapp latest version 2020. I loved its privacy features most. Without wasting any more time just see below I am sharing some of the features. There is some more Whatsapp mod but no one can this.

  • Hide Online Status
  • Hide Blue Tick 
  • Hide Second Tick
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide Recording Status
  • Hide View Status
  • Anti-Revoke: With this feature, you can read deleted messages.
  • Auto Reply
  • DND Mode
  • Group Description Enabled
  • Image and Video Filters Added
  • Increase Video Limit In Status
  • Send Big Files
  • Add Up to 600 Members in a Whatsapp Group
  • Increase the limit of Status to 256
  • Send Up to 100 Images at Once
  • Two Whatsapp Account in a single phone
  • Media preview without downloading the media
  • Hide Message Seen tick after reading a message 
  • Copy any particular text instead of the whole text
  • Send Images and Videos without reduction its quality
  • Select 200 contact at once
  • Share your live location
  • Added Stickers
  • Hidden Chats Count  Showing on Main Screen
  • Lock For Chats and GB Whatsapp
  • Media Auto-Download for a specific friend
  • Set Group Name up to 35 character
  • Copy other people Status to your clipboard
  • Make calls to non-contact numbers
  • Anti-Ban
  • You can reply privately in groups
  • Sort Whatsapp Message
  • Emoji and GIf search Added
  • Group Calling
  • Send Broadcast message up to 600 people at once
  • About 100+ Language Support
  • New Theme Added
  • New Launcher Icon

So all of these features you will get in this GB Whatsapp Latest Version. Which you don’t find on the Official Whatsapp app.  So you can surprise your friends with Gbwhatsapp with some interesting features. Which is your favorite feature? lLet me know by commenting  below.


GB Whatsapp Latest Version Download 2020 For PC

How If you can use Whatsapp on a big screen?  I am sure you will enjoy WhatsApp on a big screen. Earlier I shared how to use WhatsApp on pc? Now I am sharing with you how can to download and install Gb Whatsapp Latest Version 2020 on PC.

To use Gb WhatsApp on PC you need an emulator. Check it out  14 best Android emulators for PC of 2019. I suggest you use Bluestacks.

Bluestacks is the most popular and easy to use an emulator. I have used it personally and it works perfectly. But use it when you have at least 2GB or more  RAM. You can download Bluestacks for both Windows and Mac.

Download Bluestacks from the link below. Then download  GB Whatsapp Latest Version 2020 from the above link. And the rest steps are the same. You can follow the same steps as you installed it on your Android smartphone


Note: This Is An Unofficial App Developed By Freelance Developers, Not Affiliated With, Authorized, Maintained, Sponsored, Or Endorsed By the Official WhatsApp Or Any Of Its Subsidiaries. For Personal Use Only, Use the Gb Whatsapp latest version 2020 At Your Own Risk. This app can ban your Whatsapp account. So I suggest you use it on a virtual number. 

I  highly recommend you to use GB Whatsapp only if you have a virtual number. Don’t use GB Whatsapp with your official number. I alredy suffred from Whatsapp Ban, but fortunately they unban my Whatsapp account after sending some emails. It takes almost 2 months to unban my Whatsapp account. So it is better to use a Virtual Number to use GB Whatsapp or any Whatsapp Mod. If you want to get a Virtual Number to use GB Whatsapp Check all instruction below.

I am sharing below How To Create Whatsapp with Virtual Number? So you don’t need to use your own personal number for GB Whatsapp Latest Version. As this is the generation of virtual. You have to keep a private virtual number.

How To Create Whatsapp With Virtual Number

So how to can you get a virtual number? There are many ways to get a virtual number. If you ever searched for a virtual number you will find some website which provides virtual numbers.

I have tried so many websites and found many of them banned by Whatsapp. I faced this problem many times. And with some free apps, you have to face the same issue. There are many fakes app on Google Play Store so be careful.

So I am sharing an app called Hushed. This app is paid. You can send, receive SMS with this amazing app.

Each private virtual number comes with Custom Voicemail Greetings, Auto Reply Messages, Call Forwarding, Call Routing, and many more. You can choose your virtual from in over 60+ countries like US, UK, Canada, Spain, Brazil, and more.

You can also make calls with Hushed. Techindroid wrote a detailed article about Create Whatsapp With Virtual Number. This app is available for both IOS and Android operating system. You have to spent only $1.99 for this.

You can use this number for other apps as well to create an account. Before buying the number check the number by entering that number on Whatsapp. If you saw this message “Is this OK, or would you like to edit the number?” Then this number will definitely work for Whatsapp. Then go to Hushed and complete the purchase.

Congratulation now you have a private number. Now you can also call anyone from this app. Just give try to this amazing app and get a virtual number at an affordable price. I am sharing both download links below.

Download Hushed App For Android: Download


virtual number

Hushed App 


How To Unban Your Whatsapp Account

Many times Whatsapp banned our Whatsapp account. The common reasons for Whatsapp ban are trying to use unofficial  Whatsapp(Like GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, OG Whatsapp, etc.), join so many groups and share violated content,  send illegal, Send messages like these (illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing and hateful messages), Creating fake accounts, sending too many messages to users who are not on your contact list, Trying to alter or modify WhatsApp app code, Using WhatsApp to send viruses or malware to other users, Trying to hack WhatsApp servers or to spying on someones Whatsapp account, Getting blocked by several users, Other users reporting against you, etc.

Try to avoid these things. Some times Whatsapp ban for temporary and but sometimes Whatsapp banned for permanently. Don’t worry I am sharing both( temporary ban and permanent ban) ways how to unban your Whatsapp account. So let’s see how can you unblock your Whatsapp account.

How To Recover From  Temporary Ban

If your Whatsapp account is banned for temporary then it is very easy to recover from it. Just follow the steps below to recover your all data.

  • Open Whatsapp App
  • Now, wait for your temporary ban to end. The timer will show you the length of the ban.
  • For GB WhatsApp, tap More options > Chats > Back up chats. ( You can try this method on any other unofficial Whatsapp like Whatsapp Plus.)
  • Then Go to Phone Settings > tap Storage > Files.
  • Now find the folder GB WhatsApp and tap and hold to select it.
  • In the upper right corner tap More > Rename and rename the folder to “WhatsApp”.
  • Open the Play Store and download the official WhatsApp app.
  • Now open WhatsApp, Enter your number and verify your phone number by entering OTP.
  • On the Backup found screen, tap Restore > Next.
  • Wait till all data recovered successfully,
  • Now you can see here your all existing chat here


How To Unban Your Whatsapp Account From Permanent Ban

I have shared how to recover from a temporary ban but what if your account is banned for permanently. Don’t worry I am also sharing with you how to unban a permanent Whatsapp ban. You will get a message like this “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.”Just follow the steps below to unban it.

  • First of all open Whatsapp
  • Enter your Whatsapp number
  • You will see a message like this “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.
  • Now tap on Support

Unblock Whatsapp Account

  • You will see a box (Describe your problem). Now write about your ban you can write your own. I have shared a sample you can copy and paste it.
  • Then on Next

Ban Whatsapp Account


  • Now tap on This doesn’t answer my question

Banned GB Whatsapp

  • Select your preferred Mail

Unban GB Whatsapp

  • Now send it ( You can attach a screenshot)

Unblock GB Whatsapp

  • Within 48 hours you will receive an SMS regarding your Whatsapp ban
  • If all well then they will unban your Whatsapp account

Copy it and paste  in the box.

I am using WhatsApp since a long time. I love WhatsApp very much. But recently you banned my account for an unknown reason. I don’t know all the rules of WhatsApp. So I request you to unban my WhatsApp account. My WhatsApp number is( Your Whatsapp number here). An early response will be highly appreciated.

Thank You

Your Name Here


Note: This method is working for many users. You can also try this method. But I can’t guarantee that this method is working for you.




GB WhatsApp Latest Version 2020 is the best version of modded Whatsapp. When we will receive an update we will update the Gbwhatsapp to the latest version. I suggest you not use GB Whatsapp with your primary number, use your secondary number to use Gbwhatsapp. As the app is not available on Google Play Store. So you have to download GB Whatsapp app from the above link and enjoys some extra features. So Just give it a try and comment below how is the latest Gb Whatsapp ? Best Wishes 🙂.

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If you have any doubt, query, question, feel free to comment below or contact us.

Disclaimer: I do not own the App nor I am affiliated with the App in any form. The Mod is developed by independent developers who help to contribute to the internet community. Droidbaazar only hosts the link to the file from the global resource of Please contact the developer for any query. If you are the owner of the app, you may Contact Us for instant removal.

What Is GB Whatsapp?

Gb Whatsapp is mod version Whatsapp. This Whatsapp mod is Developed By Freelance Developers .

Can I use  3 GBWhatsapp application my same smartphone?

Yes you can use 3 GbWhatsapp with Whatsapp Plus and OG Whatsapp.

Do I need to uninstall the official Whatsapp?

No, you don’t need to uninstall the official Whatsapp. You can use both Whatsapp(GB Whatsapp and Official Whatsapp).

Why GB Whatsapp is not in Google Play Store?

GB Whatsapp is Developed By Freelance Developers, Not Affiliated With, Authorized, Maintained, Sponsored, Or Endorsed By the Official WhatsApp. So the app is not in Google Play Store?

Can GB Whatsapp see the deleted message?

Yes. GB Whatsapp can read the deleted message. Just go to GB Setting – Open Log. Here you will find all logs database, cache, etc. Note down the path to the log file and search your message in the log file

Is GB Whatsapp safe so use?

GB Whatsapp 100% safe to use. I have scanned GB Whatsapp with Antivirus and found it is very much to use.

How to download GB Whatsapp?

I have shared a direct download link of GB Whatsapp. You can download the GB Whatsapp from here.

How to fix GB Whatsapp ban?

If your Whatsapp account is banned, don’t worry I have shared all details about how can you unban your Whatsapp account.


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