How To Get Free Data on Airtel 2020 – Get Unlimited Data

Airtel is India’s fastest network according to Ookla. And with the fastest network, the daily limit exhausted very fast. So today I am sharing with you How To Get Free Data on Airtel 2020.

Airtel Free Data Tricks

We all know about Airtel which is known for cheap rates and blazing speed. Airtel data plans are 1GB/Day, 1.4GB/Day, 1.5GB/Day, 2GB/Day and more. 

But everyday daily limit exhausted very soon. Don’t worry  I am sharing How To Get Free Data on Airtel 2020. Today I am sharing Airtel Free Data 2020. Just read the post carefully.

How To Get Free Data on Airtel

Today I am sharing a little bit of story with Airtel below. Don’t worry the story is relevant to Airtel Free Data Tricks 2020. So without wasting your just read the story below.

Airtel Proxy Trick

If you are an old Airtel user probably you know a few years ago many Airel users surf free internet with Airtel Proxy Trick. I am one of them😉.

I can remember after 300-600 MB my Airtel sim gets blocked. After that, I have to wait for some days to unblock my sim.

Even I borrow my neighbors Airtel Sim to surf Free Internet. The Proxy servers are,,, and many more. And the hosts are,,, many more.

Airtel UDP Trick

After Proxy Trick, I can remember one day I got the Airtel Unlimited UDP Trick. Yes, the Airtel UDP trick is truly unlimited and high speed. I am talking about this before 4GB launched in India.

I remember I am getting 500KB/Sec – 1MB/Sec on Airtel 3G. I used Micromax 3G Modem for UDP and Proxy trick that capacity was 7.2MBPS and on an Android Device. But after 2-3 months the UDP ports were blocked.

Airtel 500 MB Data Trick

Once Airtel gives us 500 MB data just for verifying the number. Actually this offer is only for Airtel Modem, but there was a tweak which helps us to get 500 MB data without any Airtel Modem. I was looted so much data with this offer. If any relative came to my home, I just took the SIM and got the 500 MB data. And I use all the data using Airtel 3G.

Airtel Direct Trick

And after Airtel UDP Trick the main Unlimited Internet trick is Airtel Direct Unlimited Trick. Yes, this is the best ever trick to surf free internet on Airtel. That time Airtel had a 2G unlimited pack which is Rs.199.

After recharging the 2G unlimited pack I had to recharge to small 3G pack around. I used to recharge Rs.9, Rs.23, Rs.29 pack, around Rs.45 pack. Then I had added Airtel number to my family by Sending an SMS like ADD your Airtel Mobile Number.

This trick was the best to surf free and unlimited internet. Airtel Direct was truly unlimited. But After all the 4G plans launched the 2G unlimited plan is close by Airte🙁. I just to say Wo Din Bhi Kya Din The😇. If you used any of the above tricks then Comment below.

Now all there is no direct trick. But sill there some tips and tricks to get Airtel Free Data. So today I am going to share with you all the amazing offers and tips & tricks to get Airtel Free Data.

Airtel is offering now data to its users for free. You can also grab all these offers. I have shared below all airtel free internet tricks. If you have a new Airtel sim card then you will get all these offers for free and if you have an old Airtel SIM you can enjoy some of them. If you have 2G/3G airtel sim card then upgrade the sim card to 4G, you will get a lot of data. I am sharing below How To Get Free Data On Airtel 2020.

Get Free Data By installing Apps and Dialing Number

I am sharing some Airtel internet tricks. Airtel gives data balance for just installing their apps for the first time. Airtel is offering 1GB data for downloading my airtel app and other airtel apps. I am sharing also share some USD code to get data every month by dialing numbers. I am sharing with you how to get free internet on Airtel So let’s check it out.

1. Get 1 GB Data With My Airtel App

Airtel is offering data for installing the My airtel app for the first time. Airtel is offering 1GB data for installing the app.

  • Download My Airtel App
  • Open the My Airtel App
  • Now Enter your airtel mobile number
  • Then Enter OTP and verify it.
  • Within 1 hour you will receive 1GB free data
  • Done! Your account credited with 1GB

2. Get 1GB Data With Wynk Music

You will get data just for installing the Wynk music app. This offer is for installing Wynk app for the first time. This is an official offer from Airtel.

  • Download Wynk Music
  • Open the  Wynk Music App
  • Now Enter your Airtel mobile number
  • Then verify your number by Entering OTP
  • Within 1 hour you will receive 1GB Data
  • Voila! Your account credited with 1GB

Note: These above tricks are for new sign up only.

3. Get 1 GB Data With Airtel Xstream App

Airtel Xstream App Trick To Get 1GB Data
Image Source:

You will get free 1GB Data for installing the Airtel Stream app. Let guide you on how to get 1GB free data.

  • First Go to Google Play Store and Download Airtel Xtream app
  • Now open the app and Enter your Airtel Mobile Number
  • Then verify the Number by simply entering the OTP which you received on your Number
  • Boom! You will get 1GB data instantly after registration
  • The validity of the 1GB data only for 3 days

4. How To Get 10GB Free Data on Airtel

I am sharing Airtel 10GB Free Data Number. Airtel is offering free 10 GB data every month. You have to just give a miss call to get the free 10GB data. This is airtel free data number 2020. Here is Airtel 10GB Free Data.

  • Open  Dialler Pad on your Smartphone
  • Now dial 5999555 from your Airtel number
  • The call will be disconnected automatically
  • You will receive an SMS  like the image below
  • Voila! You are done. You will get Airtel Free Data 10GB.
  • Now you can check the balance at my airtel app or by dialing *121*51#
Airtel 10GB Free Data

 This is Airtel 10gb Free Data Code. And this offer is user-specific. If this Airtel Free Data Number 10GB not working on your 1 Airtel SIM, then you can try the same steps on another Airtel SIM(Your Family Member’s Airtel Number).

5.How To Get 4GB Free Data

You will get 4 GB of free data on airtel by giving a miss call. Just follow the steps below to get the 4GB data. I am sharing an Airtel Free Data Code 2020.
• Open Dialler Pad on your Smartphone
• Now Dial 52122
• Then your call will be disconnected automatically
• Now you will receive an SMS regarding 4GB Data
• Done your account credited with 4GB
Note: The above offer is for one time per user.

Note: These above tricks are for new sign up only.

6. How To Get 30GB Free Data

This is a welcome 4G offer who upgraded to Airtel 4G from Airtel 2G and Airtel 3GWhen you will be upgraded to 4G you will get 30GB data (1GB/Day). Airtel free internet code is working on some Airtel sim.

  • Open  Dialler Pad on your smartphone
  • Now dial 51111
  • Then A computer voice will congrats you regarding 30GB data
  • You will receive an SMS regarding 30 GB free data 
  • Your account credited with 30 GB (1GB/Day)

7. Airtel Volte Offer Get 1 GB Data Every Day

With this trick, you will get 30 GB of data. This is an official offer from airtel for its new users. The offers are for selected states only(I am sharing the state’s list below). Here is Airtel 30GB free data for you.

  • Kerala
  • West Bengal
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Orissa
  • Punjab
  • Assam
  • Bihar

Let’s see how to get the offer. If you are located in the above states then very good and if not then you can try. So let’s see how to get the Airtel Volte Offer.

  • First, you have to visit Airtel Volte Offer Page
  • Now scroll down the page and enter your Airtel mobile number. Verify the number by entering the OTP which you received on the airtel number.
  • Then you will see here if your eligible for this offer or not.
  • Go to settings and set the Airtel SIM as default SIM.
  • Now again go to Settings and enable the VOLTE
  • After 30 minutes you will receive an SMS regarding you will get 10GB data for free.
  • Send Feedback after 4 weeks and you will get 10GB data again
  • Send Feedback after 8 weeks and you will get 10GB data. So total you will get 30 GB data for free with this offer

Note: The above offer is for the first time insert Airtel 4G sim on your 4G Smartphone

8. Airtel Unlimited  Internet Trick

This trick is tested by me and working nicely. You can try this trick and let me know working or not in your state. I am sure you recharged unlimited daily packs on your Airtel number. This trick is working if you have already recharged an unlimited daily pack. Follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to recharge an unlimited daily pack(Like Rs.169, Rs.199, Rs.249, Rs.299, Rs.349, Rs.399, Rs.448)
  • Use the data ( If you have 1GB daily pack then use till 900 MB, If you have 1.5GB daily pack then use till 1.4GB)
  • Then turn off your data connection
  • Now go to Settings – Mobile Networks – Preferred – Network Mode
  • Then select LTE only (If your phone has does not have the LTE Only option, Check out my post about Enable LTE on any Android Smartphone.
  • Now turn on your data connection
  • Now download any big file( More than 1GB)
  • Boom! Now you can enjoy unlimited airtel internet for free
  • Repeat these steps daily to get unlimited data
  • Enjoy Unlimited Internet

Note: This is an unofficial trick, is not responsible for any abuse of this trick.

9. Get 28GB Free Data By Giving A Missed A Call

  • Open Dial Pad on your Smartphone
  • Now Dial 125346 and give a miss call
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS about 28 GB

This offer is user-specific. Try this offer you are lucky you will get 28GB data for free

10. Airtel Postpaid Offer To Get 60 GB Data

  • Open your Default Message app on your Smartphone
  • Now type SURPRISE and send it to 121
  • Soon you will receive a confirmation SMS about your 60GB data

This offer is only for Postpaid users. If you are a postpaid user you will get 60GB data for free.

11. Get 100 MB Data By Dialing USSD Code

  • Open Dial Pad on your Smartphone
  • Now dial *121*100# 
  • Now you will receive 100 MB data for free

12. Access Free Internet With Droid VPN

Now you can enjoy Airtel free internet with Droid VPN. Just follow the steps below to enjoy free internet.

  • First download Droid VPN
  • Now Sign Up for a new account
  • Open Droid VPN and tap on Settings
  • Now select Connection Protocol and tap on TCP
  • Enable the Proxy
  • Enter Proxy Server and the Port as 3128
  • Now tap on HTTP Headers and Enter Host:
  • Now connect any free server and enjoy it.

Note: This trick is working in some states. You can try this trick and let me know by comment is it working or not.

13. Access Free Internet With Web Tunnel VPN

There is an app called Web Tunnel, you can enjoy free internet with Web Tunnel VPN. Just follow the steps below.

  • First download Web Tunnel
  • After installing the app open the app
  • Now Enter the details as below.
  • Header Host Type –
  • Server –  select any free server ( Use server 9)
  • Proxy Host type –,, one., (You can enter any Airtel Free Host)
  • Now Select – Fastest HTTP:1

14. Airtel Free Internet With Troid VPN

Now I am sharing with you how to access free internet on Airtel With Troid VPN TCP trick. Just follow the below steps.

  • First Download the Troid VPN from Google Play Store and Install it.
  • Now open Troid VPN and Select any Free Sever
  • Set TCP Ports. Rport:443 and Lport:0
  • Just go to Advanced Settings and Tick on Use Proxy for TCP Connection.
  • Set Proxy host: or
  • Set Port: 3128
  • Set Host:
  • Now save all the settings. 

If the above Settings not working then try the below Settings

  • Open Troid VPN and Select any Free Server from the list
  • Now Select TCP Ports. Rport: 443 and Lport: 0
  • Go to Advanced Setting and Set DNS as
  • Now Tick on  Use Proxy for TCP Connection
  • Select Proxy host: or
  • Set Port: 3128
  • Now Select Host: or Host:
  • Finally, Save all the Settings and Connect.
  • Hurray! Now You can surf free internet.

15. Wynk Music Trick To Get Airtel Free Internet

Airtel Wynk Internet Trick
Image Source:

Now I am sharing the Airtel Unlimited Internet Trick with Wynk Music. Just follow the simple steps.

  • First of all, download Wynk Music from Google Play Store
  • Now open the Wynk Music App
  • Then tap on the My Account section From Dashboard.
  • Now tap on Try Free
  • Choose the Free Wynk Freedom Plan
  • Then Install Droid VPN on your Smartphone
  • Now go to Airtel APN Settings APN:
  • Open PD Proxy or Tunnel Guru or any other VPN
  • Go to Settings of the VPN
  • Then go to Advanced Settings and look for Parent Proxy
  • Enter Parent IP: and Port: 3128
  • After that tap on Headers and enter Host as and X-OnlineHost:
  • Now save all settings
  • Finally, Connect with your VPN with the TCP 443 Port
  • Hurray! Now you can enjoy unlimited data.

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I have shared How To Get Free Data on Airtel. Airtel offers us some data officially by doing simple tasks. Just try all these tricks to enjoy get free data.  Best Wishes.

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If you have any doubt, queries, questions, feel free to comment below or contact us.

How to get free data on Airtel?

I have shared all the details about free data on Airtel. I hope after reading this post you will get a lot of data on your Airtel Number.

How can I get 10gb free data on Airtel?

You have to just give a miss call a number to get free 10 GB data. Check out the post for the number.

How can I get 1gb free data on Airtel?

All the details is shared on my post. Feel free to check this post.

How do I get unlimited free data on Airtel?

Check out the 9th number point on this post to get unlimited data on Airtel.


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