holi wishing script for blogger

Holi Wishing Script For Blogger 2020

holi wishing script for blogger

Event blogging is the best way to earn money in less time without doing any hard work.  In this Social Media generation, it is easy to viral a Wishing Script and earns money.

  Holi is a National Festival so Holi celebrates almost whole India. So you can make money with  Holi Wishing  Script. Today I will share you Holi Wishing Script For Blogger.

Now the questions are How to setup Holi wishing script on blogger, How To Viral Holi wishing script, How to Download Holi Wishing script, How to make money with Holi Wising Script, How to Share Wishing Script on Whatsapp. 

Holi Wishing Script Download For Blogger

As I mentioned above Wishing Script is a good way to earn a lot of money. Now the question is How To Set Up Holi Wishing Script? Just read the post carefully for step by step guide.

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How To Set Up Holi Wishing Script

  • Just open https://www.blogger.com/ on your web browser
  • Log in with your email and password
  • Now click on CREATE NEW BLOG


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  • Enter your website name and choose your desired website Address

create a new blog

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  • Now your Website is ready
  • Download Wishing Script From Here
  • Now Download Notepad ++ From Here
  • Extract the Folder and open Notepad++
  • Now right click on the Holi Wishing Script
  • Click on open with Notepad++
  • Search for ( Your Website Address)
  • Enter your website URL( Your Website Address)

blogger theme edit

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blogger theme

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  • Now scroll down and click on Revert to the classic theme


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  • Now delete all HTML code and Paste your script
  • Click o Save Theme

blogger save theme

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  • You are done now share your Website on Social Media

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How To Viral Your Wishing Script on Facebook

  • Copy your website
  • Join a lot of Facebook Group
  • Share on FB group and you will get a lot of views

How To Viral Your Wishing Script on Whatsapp

  • Search for Whatsapp group and join a lot of groups
  • Now share your Website on these groups

How To Viral Your Wishing Script on Telagram

  • Join some Telegram groups
  • Share your website on these groups


I have shared Holi Wishing Script For Blogger. Event Blogging is a very easy way to earn a lot of money in a short time. But you have to drive a lot of traffic to your wishing website. As Holi is a National holiday you have a huge chance to get a lot of traffic. And as you know a lot of traffic equal to a lot of money. So just try the script.

If you have any doubt, query, question, feel free to comment below or contact us.

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