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How To Download Whatsapp Status

There is a lot of messenger app in the Google Play Store. WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app compared to others. WhatsApp is installed in almost every smartphone. Whatsapp has 1 billion installs according to Google Play Store. WhatsApp is a very useful app for sending a message, photos, document, and a voice message. Today I will break down How to download Whatsapp Status.

Many of us use the feature which is Whatsapp status. We post images and videos. When anyone post status on WhatsApp we want to save it. We generally take a screenshot the images and crop it but what about videos.  Just read this post and you will be able to download WhatsApp status like images, videos.

Whatsapp Status

Images Source: Whatsapp

Methods To Download Whatsapp Status

There are two methods to download WhatsApp status. I will share both methods to save Whatsapp Status.

The first one is with your own File Manager, Just you have to view hidden files on your Smartphone. Don’worry I will share step by step guide to do it.

 The second one is with a Status Saver app, You have to download an app called Status Saver and you will able to download Whatsapp Status.

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1. Download Whatsapp Status Without any App

As I mentioned above you can download Whatsapp Status Photos and Videos without any app. Just you need File Manager and that you have already.

First you have to see the Whatsapp Status. Then Go to File Manager Settings and enable Show Hidden Files or you can enable it after visiting Whatsapp Folder as the Image shown below.

After that you have to go to search for “Whatsapp” Folder and then tap on “Media” Folder. If have not enabled Show Hidden Files before then enable it.

There you can see the “.statuses” folder tap on this folder, here you can saw all the Whatsapp Statuses which you saw on your Whatsapp account. Check out the Screnshot below for better understanding.

  • Just open Whatsapp statuses
Whatsapp status
  • See the status which you want to save
Whatsapp status
  • Go to File Manager search for WhatsApp folder  (If you don’t have a file manager  then download Es File Explorer
File Manager
  • Now click on Media
File Manager Folder Media
  • Then click on setting of your File Manager
File Manger Media Folder
  • Now click on Show Hidden Files
File Manager Settings
  • Locate the .statuses folder
File Manager Locate Status Foldetr
  • Then click on the image or video which you want to save and copy it
Inside Status Folder all Whatsapp Status
  • Now you can paste it wherever you want
File Manager Root Folder
  • You can now saw your images or video in your gallery
Whatsapp Status on Gallery

Download Whatsapp Status With Status Saver App

  • Open Play Store and search for Status Saver or Download the status saver
  • Now open Whatsapp and see the status
  • Whatsapp status
  • Then open the Status saver app and grant all permission
  • Now you will be able see the statuses
  • Just click the image or photo
  • Now click on the save icon
Status Saver App

Image source: Status Saver

  • Then go to File Manager – Internal Storage and locate Story Saver after that click on it
Story Saver
  • Done your statuses are saved in your internal storage
Whatsapp status

There is another way to download WhatsApp status. In this case you need GB WhatsApp to download WhatsApp.


I have shared 2 methods to Download Whatsapp Status. Try any of these method which you like and which you thought easy for you. Best Wishes.

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How To Download Whatsapp Status?

There are two methods to download Whatsapp Status. The first one is with File Manager and the sond is an app. Just stick with this post and you will able download Whatsapp Status.

Can you download Whatsapp Status without any apps?

Yes. You can download Whatsapp Status without any app.

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