How To Get Unlimited Email Addresses 2020

unlimited email accounts

You are searching for how to get  unlimited email addresses, right? Is it possible to get unlimited email addresses? The answer is yes. I found some tricks make unlimited email accounts.

 These tricks are very much easy. So let’s see how to make unlimited email accounts. Just read the post carefully and you will be able to get unlimited email addresses. 

How To Get Unlimited Email Account

On many websites, there is mandatory to enter your email accounts. We hesitate to enter our personal email accounts because of spams. So what to do? Nothing but read the whole post carefully.

We need more email on some sites/app which pays us. Earn money apps/sites pay us a good amount when you refer to someone. Why someone you if you have unlimited email addresses then you can refer self.

Other than that we have to enter our email on some unverified sites/apps. So we hesitate to enter our own personal email address because of so many spams.

In these cases, we need to create unlimited email accounts. I will share you some methods to get unlimited email accounts. Just check the methods below.

3 Ways to Getting Unlimited Email Accounts

I will share 3 ways to unlimited email addresses. I have tried these methods and guess what? working nice all of 3.

The first way is with 10 Minute Mail, you can get unlimites email addresses with 10 Minute Mail.

The second way with Temp Mail Android app, This app is working nice to get email addresses.

The third way is with Official Gmail App, yes you can get email addresses with the Official Gmail app. Don’t worry Bro/Sis I have shared all the details about these 3 ways.

1. 10 Minute Mail

1o Minute Mail is a free, disposable e-mail service. Your temporary e-mail is valid only for 10 minutes, after  which you can not access it. You can extend the time by 10 minutes.

unlimited email accounts

Images Source: 10 Minutes Mail

  • Now you can see an email
  • Copy the email address and paste where you want
  • Now back to 10-Minute Mail and refresh the page
  • Just enjoy unlimited email accounts

2. Temp Mail Android App

Temp mail is a very good Android app for temporary mail.

email accounts

Images Source: Temp Email

  • Tap on Copy
  • Paste the mail where you can use
  • Now Back to the Tamp Mail app here you can see that you have got a mail
  • Tap on Check Your Mail
  • Enjoy unlimited email accounts

3. Gmail App

This trick is for everyone who had an Android Smartphone with your official Gmail app. Just follow the steps below:

  • Open Setting on your Android Smartphone
  • Tap on Accounts
  • Now tap on Add Account
  • Then tap on Google


  • Tap on Create account

temp email

  • Enter your First Name and Last Name

temp email

  • Now tap on Next
  • Enter your Date of Birth and Gender

unlimited email accounts

  • Tap on Next
  • Now tap on Create a different Gmail address( you can choose one of them also)

email accounts

  • Enter your Password
  • Tap on Next
  • Now Tap on Skip

create email without number

  • Then tap on I agree

email acccounts

  • Now tap on Next

email accounts without number

  • Enjoy unlimited email addresses

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Conclusion: So if you want unlimited email addresses just try these tricks without any worries. These tricks are very much official. DroidBaazar is not responsible for any abuse of these tricks.  Best Wishes.

If you have any doubt, query, question, feel free to comment below or contact us.



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