How To Post Longer Video As Whatsapp Status

Want to know How to Post Longer Video As Whatsapp Status? Then you are in the right place. So let’s break down this topic today.

The status feature was first introduced by Instagram as Instagram Story. But Instagram allows us to keep the story only for 15 seconds. Later Whatsapp introduces this same feature as Whatsapp Status.

Whatsapp allows us to post videos for 30 seconds, but 30 seconds is also not enough. We all keep posted Whatsapp status.

And this is good enough you don’t have to share photo/video each & every group or contact. Just post the video as Whatsapp status and all of your contact can see the Photo/Video.

Personally I like Whatsapp Status very much. I post Whatsapp status on every occasion.

Post Longer Video As Whatsapp Status

If you ever search for how to upload a video on WhatsApp status more than 30 sec? And you didn’t get any satisfactory result.

Don’t worry I will share step by step guide to post long video as Whatsapp status. There are various ways to put full video in WhatsApp status.

The first way I have for you is to split the video into multiple 30 seconds videos.

The second way I have for you is to convert the video to Gif. But in that case, you will be lost the audio of the video. So the first way is better.

The third way use GB Whatsapp to upload long video on WhatsApp status. I wrote an article on GB Whatsapp feel free to check it out.

Split the Video into Multiple 30 Seconds Clips

There are so many apps on the Google Play Store to cut video into multiple 30 seconds clips. I tried many of those apps but most of them didn’t work correctly. But I have chosen an app called WhatsCut Pro. Trust me this app work like a charm. You have to log in with Google account to use this app. After logged it Tap on Video CutterSelect VideoNext – Status. Now post video as status.

Set Longer Whatsapp Status

Covert the Video into Gif to Post Longer Status

You can easily find any Gif Maker on the Google Play Store. Just download any gif maker from Play Store and convert the video into a gif and you can post a long video as Whatsapp Status. In that case, you will be lost the audio of the video. If you want to keep only the video then you should try this app.

Keep Long Whatsapp Status

Post Longer Whatsapp Status With GB Whatsapp

Probably you know Whats is GB Whatsapp? If not feel free to check it out here. You can upload longer videos as Whatsapp Status with GB WhatsApp. You will get a bunch of features in GB Whatsapp. But it’s a little bit risky for better undereating check out the post.

Put Longer Video as Whatsapp Status


I hope now you can post longer video as Whatsapp status. You try any of the above tricks to keep status more than 30 seconds.

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