How To Stop/Turn Off Autoplay Videos On Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

Wondering how to stop autoplay videos? Just stick with this post a Today I will break down this topic.

We all use social network sites like  Facebook, TwitterYoutubeetc. All the apps have billions of monthly active users. And I have to mention videos are getting much popular.

And that’s true we all love to watch videos than any written post that’s why youtube is getting so much popular day by day. Videos are the future. To be honest, videos are helpful in some cases.

But not all the videos are useful for us at least for me. If you have enabled autoplay on your social media apps. Then all the videos on your feeds are played automatically. That’s the feature called autoplay.

The social network sites allow you to turn off auto-play videos if you want.

Stop Auto-Play On Any Social Network

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We have had limited data like 1GB/Day, 1.5GB/Day, 2GB/Day if you are using a Mobile Data. So if auto-play is enabled on your social network account your daily limit exhausted in a very short time. So you have to disable auto-play videos on your social network accounts which you are currently using.

In this post, I will share you

  • How to Stop Auto-play Videos on Facebook
  • How To Stop Auto-play Videos on Twitter
  • and How To Stop Auto-play Videos on Youtube

Stop Auto-play Videos On Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

You are here because you may not find any useful posts about it. So I am here with some tips to save your data.

In this post, I will share with you how to turn off auto-play videos on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. If you have less data then this is a great option to save your daily limited data. I turned off autoplay videos on all social network apps.

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1. On Facebook App

  • Open the Facebook app on your Smartphone
  • Click on Menu on the right side

Facebook Home

Image Source: Facebook

  • Now click on Settings & Privacy

Facebook - Settings & Privacy

Image Source: Facebook

  • Click on  Settings

Facebook Settings

Image Source: Facebook

  • Then click on Media and contacts

Facebook Settings - Media and Contacts

Image Source: Facebook

  • Now click on Auto-play

facebook autoplay stop

Image Source: Facebook

  • Select Never Auto-play Videos

Facebook Auto Play

Image Source: Facebook

  • Done.
  • Open Twitter app on your smartphone
  • Click on your Display Picture (DP)

Twitter App Home

Image Source: Twitter

  • Now click on Settings and privacy

Twitter App Home

Image Source: Twitter

  • Then Click on Data usage

Twitter Settings

Image Source: Twitter

  • Click on Video auto-play

Twitter Video Auto Play

Image Source: Twitter

  • Set it to Never
  • Now your auto-play videos stopped on your Twitter account

3. On Youtube App

  • Open the Youtube app on your smartphone
  • Click on your Display Picture/My account as shown the image below

Youtube Home Feed

Image Source: Youtube

  • Now click on Settings

Youtube Account Settings

Image Source: Youtube

  • Then click on Auto-play

Youtube Auto Play Settings

Image Source: Youtube

  • Now you will find there Auto-play next video

Youtube Auto Play

Image Source: Youtube

  • Just disable it by clicking on it
  • If you want to stop auto-play home then click on Auto-play on Home
  • Now click on Off
  • Done. Auto-play videos are stopped on your Youtube account

Still, Confused?


I hope now you can stop auto-play videos on any social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Now you can save your data balance.

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