How To Transfer Money From PhonePe Wallet To Bank Account

So finally you found how to transfer PhonePe wallet balance to bank cash. It is a very big issue with PhonePe. So many people search for how to transfer money from Phonepe wallet to bank account. I thought I have to write a post on this topic.

The PhonePe app is very good for cashless transactions. PhonePe app offers us so many cashback with Scratch Card.

So with these offers, we collect so many wallet balances. But with PhonePe does not allow to transfer the wallet balance to Bank Account.

Let’s see how to transfer money from PhonePe wallet to bank account.

phonepe cashback

Transfer PhonePe Wallet/Cashback Balance To Bank Account

I will share with you in this post how can you transfer your PhonePe wallet balance to your bank account. This is very easy to transfer Phonepe wallet balance than you think. I am sure you will able to Transfer your PhonePe wallet balance to Bank account after reading this post.

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PhonePe CashBack and Scratch Offer

PhonePe offers a scratch card for the first recharge, first bill payment. PhonePe also offers a Scratch card for sending money to PhonePe. I will show you how will you get a scratch card for sending money?

  • Download Phonepe app from here
  • Now enter your name, email, and bank registered number
  • Set a 4 digit pin
  • Now make a payment(Payment should be above Rs.100 to receive Rs.100 bonus)
  • You will get Rs.100(this offer is for the new user only)

How To Transfer PhonePe Wallet Balance To Bank Account

Here is the PhonePe Wallet to Bank Transfer trick.

  • Open the PhonePe App
phonepe wallet cashback
  • Tap on My Money and then tap on Gold
phonepe wallet
  • Then tap on Safegold
  • Enter the amount you want to buy
PhonePe Buy Gold
  • Select wallet/ Gift Voucher and  tap on Buy
  • Now Wait for 24 hours
  • After 24 hours open the app
  • Tap on my money then tap on the locker
PhonePe Sell Gold
  • Now Enter the amount which you saw on the locker
  • Tap on SELL
  • Done your money will be credited on your bank account with the Selling amount. It will charge 3% GST.

This is the Phonepe Wallet to Bank Account Transfer trick. This is a easy trick to transfer your wallet balance into your bank account.

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Now you know how to transfer money from PhonePe wallet to bank account. This trick is genuine and tested by me. So you can try this trick without any worries. So just try this trick.

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Can I transfer money from PhonePe wallet to bank account?

Yes, you can transfer your PhonePe wallet balance to bank account.

How do I withdraw money from PhonePe wallet?

I have shared a simple trick to withdraw money from the PhonePe wallet.

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